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Default Cute As A Chinese Baby

The expression is usually phrased "Cuter than a Chinese baby" but I have found something that is precisely as cute as a Chinese baby. No surprise, it is a Chinese baby: http://www.fao.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3749266.

Ethnic dolls are so often ridiculous. They are usually just the white dolls with varying shades added. Black Barbies, for instance, look like white Barbie's that got trapped in a tanning bed. Not that I blame them. There was a time when creating a doll with ethnic features would have raised accusations of charicature. But I think we are passed that now in America.

Asian dolls are often just the white dolls, but with black hair and brown (but round) eyes. This doll has gorgeous almond shaped eyes.

I wish she was real. I have two toddlers, which is great, but I am already missing the time when they were so tiny and fragile. We have hardwood floors so we do not get the pitter-patter of little feet... we get the WHUMP-WHUMP of little feet.
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