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Default LDD 2012 Conventions

Ed and/or Damien will be at:
  • Chiller Theatre April 27-29
  • SDCC July
  • Monster Mania August
  • Dragon Con September
  • Cinema Wasteland October
  • Chiller Theatre October

Mezco will be set up at
  • SDCC July
  • NYCC October (not finalized yet)
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Default Re: LDD 2012 Conventions

Aa I wish I could go ; v ; But I live in Sweden sob
We never have any cons here
Kinda sucks
Wishlist; MAGGOT, Frozen Charlotte, SDCC Blue Eggzorcist, Dawn, Patience Xero (Pink dress), Hemlock and Honey, Rose and Violet, Hollywood, Siren, Isiah, Vincent Vaude, Black Dahlia, EMBER, Menard, Toxic Molly ((it'd probably take less time to list the dolls I /don't/ want,,))

spoilers; most of these will never happen
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